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  • Open Elevation

    The NASA Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) has provided digital elevation data (DEMs) for over 80% of the globe. This data is currently distributed free of charge by USGS and is available for download from the National Map Seamless Data Distribution System, or the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) ftp site. The SRTM data is available as 3 arc second (approx. 90m resolution) DEMs.
  • Vehicles' Wheather Information

    Weather information nearby pilot vehicles. 60 requests are performed every 5 minutes. Weather locations are calculated from centroids which are obtained appling k-nearest algorithm to last location of every vehicle.
  • FranceOSM

    Free and crowdsourced geographic data from France. It includes Points of Interest (POIs) and road information.
  • Referencial

    To have more precision on each vehicle, we use a service (SIV) which is available for french cars only. Another part of the data can be filled by users.
  • Geo-tracking

    GPS coordinates of each trip
  • Car sensors

    Data collected directly from car sensors
  • autoaid API & Enhanced DTC

    Autoaid provides the infrastructure to access telematics web services to various functionality required to read data like identifier, sensor values or fault codes from electronic control units (ECU) build into a vehicle and translates their output for users. Fault codes (DTCs) and their descriptions are categorized by severity regarding vehicle maintenance by mechanics.