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  • Valenciaport Metereological Data

    Meteorogical data gathered using different weather stations deployed in the Port of Valencia
  • Spreader Data

    Raw data with timestamp obtained from a Bromma PLC, an accelerometer deployed in the spreader and an enconder inside the twistlock mechanism
  • ValenciaportPCS

    ValenciaPortPCS (http://www.valenciaportpcs.net) is an information system that makes available logistical information among the actors involved in port-related freight distribution.
  • Noautum Terminal Operating System

    Noatum TOS is a comprehensive terminal operating system (TOS) providing usability, interoperability, scalability and flexibility across the entire range of terminal’s work processes and decision making activities.
  • Valenciaport Access Gate

    Data related with the monitoring system deployed in the South Access Gate of the Valencia port
  • SEAMS Platform

    Raw data with timestamp obtained from 170 container handling equipement including GPS signal, working time, sensors, etc.