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Organizations: Smart Highways Norte Litoral (T4.3)

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  • Bluetooth/Wifi

    Data from Bluetooth/Wifi
  • Traffic Data

    Traffic Data obtained with various counters along highway.
  • Traffic events

    Traffic events on the road that have an impact on the road traffic, such as roadworks, accidents, traffic congestions, etc.
  • twitter4j

    Twitter4J is an unofficial Java library for the Twitter API.
  • Datos Clima

    National, regionald and local wheater inputs from the influence area of the pilot test
  • Travel Times

    Travel times and average speed from AP-7 and A-7 highways
  • SocioEcononomic

    National, regionald and local socio-economic inputs from the influence area of the pilot test
  • PMV Messages

    Messages Sent fo and Received from highway panels.
  • Meteo Information

    Meteo Information
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