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Organizations: Integrated Urban Mobility Tampere (T9.2)

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  • Tampere Parking DATEX2

    DATEX2-intreface for the status of the parking halls in the city
  • Tampere - Traffic Camera

    streamed video from traffic cameras and snapshots of traffic cameras, which are installed at intersections and along the roadwork
  • Digitraffic

    Digitraffic is a service of Finnish transport agency offering real time information and data about the traffic, weather and condition information on the Finnish main roads.
  • twitter4j

    Twitter4J is an unofficial Java library for the Twitter API.
  • Tampere Prolonged Links

    This data set provides data on public transport route stretches between bus stops, for which public transport vehicles need more time to cover than normal
  • Sensior

    Anonymized floating car data of professional vehicles (location, speed, HEADING)
  • Tampere Traffic Light Data

    The service provides different information which is gathered and derived from the traffic light data devices and detectors
  • Tampere Public Transport SIRI Interface (Realtime)

    Tampere Public Transport Realtime SIRI interface provides real-time data from the public transport information system.
  • Tampere Public Transport Journeys API

    Public transport interface, which combines the GTFS- (static data) and SIRI (RT data)-interface information for developers use.
  • Tampere Incidents and Roadworks

    Interface for incidents and roadworks information, which affect to traffic, and which is complementary to the national information.
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