Primary income of private households (tgs00036)

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Internal Name of the Dataset Primary income of private households
Name of the Dataset/API Provider EUROSTAT
Short Description Primary income of private households by NUTS 2 regions - PPS per inhabitant
Extended Description [tgs00036] - Primary income of private households by NUTS 2 regions - PPS per inhabitant. The primary distribution of income shows the income of private households generated directly from market transactions, in particular the purchase and sale of factors of production. This includes as the main item the compensation of employees, i.e. income from the sale of labour as a factor of production. Private households can also receive income on assets, particularly interest, dividends and rents. Then there is also income from net operating surplus and self-employment. Interest and rents payable are recorded as negative items for households. The balance of all these transactions is known as the primary income of private households.
Version 1.0
Initial Availability Date 2003
Data Type Economic data
Personal Data No
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Dataset/API Owner/Responsible European Commission, Eurostat
Dataset/API Owner/Responsible Contacts Postal address: European Commission, Eurostat L-2920 Luxembourg Phone (Commission switchboard Luxembourg): +352 4301-1 Office address: Joseph Bech building 5, Rue Alphonse Weicker L-2721 Luxembourg
Technology .TSV file
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Data Model - Specific Data Model
Data Volume 37KB
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Data Archiving and preservation Stored within big data architecture as described in pilot design
Geographical Coverage Europe
Timespan 2003-2013
Access Level Open
Access Mechanism NA